Written by Ashley Price

My sister is a wonderful, loving woman of God, but, like any sister relationships, she hated sharing clothes with me. I vividly remember one time in college being in her dorm room finding a pile of my own clothes that I honestly hadn’t realized I was even missing. So, like any normal sister would do, I asked to borrow something of hers.

With great hesitation she let me try on a few items on. I had decided on one shirt and was looking in the mirror when – I wish I could demonstrate the sass in her face – she said, “Mmmmm…Are you sure you want to wear that, I mean, it doesn’t even fit you right…”

Now, I know that the shirt didn’t look that bad, but ultimately my sister just didn’t want me to borrow it. She would have said anything to make sure I wouldn’t get her precious shirt.

I honestly think this is how the enemy works when it comes to our calling. He allows a little bit of rejection to come your way so he can make you question whether you’ve made a good choice or if you even are heading in the right direction. Because, let’s be real, he is the number one person that doesn’t want you walking in the calling God has placed in your heart.

He wants that rejection to hang around so every time you want to advance or grab a hold of what God has for you it creeps up again, causing hesitation in your heart. “No one wants you, it’s never going to happen.” We’ve all had those thoughts! It will make you feel like you aren’t good enough or you have nothing to offer. He can’t disable you any easier than allowing that kind of rejection to hang over your head. You are dangerous, and he wants to take you out of the fight.

It’s hard to believe that a loving God would allow something so hurtful and harsh as rejection come in the path of our calling. However, I believe He allows it because He is loving. He wants you to grow, He wants you to impact the world, and, sometimes, that may mean you need a little humbling. Or maybe that means you are heading in the wrong direction and He is redirecting your path.

Either way, when God allows rejection, you have a choice: learn from the situation and grow to be better, or let it become a part of your soul that holds you back from reaching those dreams and the plan God has destined for you.

I love this verse in Ecclesiastes 7:3 that says, “Sorrow is better than laughter, for sadness has a refining influence on us.” How true is that!

We learn way more from our seasons of disappointment than those of happiness and blessing. I believe we all want to grow and be better.  I think, sometimes, we can get so caught up in what God has called us to that we miss the whole purpose to why He put that calling in our heart in the first place.

All calling is meant to further His kingdom and bring Him glory! I believe that He uses lessons like rejection to remind us that our calling isn’t about us at all. 

A pastor friend of mine once told me, our top priorities in life are basic needs: protection and provision. If you have both of these, you are truly blessed. Calling is an extra gift that God overwhelms our hearts with. He doesn’t have to give us dreams — He’s the creator of the universe, He doesn’t need you! He is so loving and gracious that He allows us to work for Him. Imagine that! What an indescribable honor! He wants you in His team and He’s so passionate about it.  He wants your character to be in the perfect place to receive such a gift.

So, the next time you face any kind of rejection in the journey to your calling, recognize that God is refining your character and it’s all part of the process. Embrace it!





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