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Written by Nichole Miller IT WOULD BE EASIER not to go. It would be easier to stay in our comfortable home, not to stress our daughter and our puppy. Not to stress our family who is helping while we go away. It would be easier not to try new things and stay in our comfort […]

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Written by Ashley Price Bitterness is a poison. Have you ever been hurt so badly by someone that you felt it in your soul? It hurt so bad that you could feel it physically – in your muscles, heart, and lungs. If you haven’t been in that place, consider yourself a blessed person, but I […]

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Written by Molly Kennedy If eyes are windows to the soul What do my windows reflect? If I fixate on the past Do I see my failures Years of entitlement Using the world to comfort me Selfishness Or do I see My Jesus Saving the day Pulling me out of the riptide And setting me […]

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